Vero Apparatus Company Information

Vero Apparatus was registered as a UK company on Tuesday 26th August 2014.


The primary aim of this company is to design, build and supply the ARM64 Open Laptop. Vero Apparatus will hold copyrights (and copylefts), conduct operations and enter into business contracts. Some suppliers will provide confidential information only under non disclosure agreements for which this company will be the legally responsible entity.


People may invest in Vero Apparatus in exchange for a share of the company's equity. Shareholders will not have legal responsibilities but will vote about the running of the company, including appointment of directors.


The directors (minimum of two required by UK Company Law) are:

Directors have legal responsibilities and may also be shareholders.

Non Disclosure Agreements

Vero Apparatus will administer legally enforceable agreements with providers and recipients (including its own members) of confidential information.


Neil McGovern performs the bookkeeping and accounting functions.

Additional Funding

A shareholder majority may decide on crowdfunding or other ways to raise venture capital. As yet there are no concrete plans to do so.

Dividends and Tax Liability

Vero Apparatus is not aiming to generate profits for the purpose of paying out dividends. This means that subject to other conditions, Vero Apparatus might not be liable for UK company tax, and shareholders are not expected to become liable for personal income tax.

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